Posted 3 days ago

This will be my last update for a while

I’m down to about 20% of my internet so I won’t be on tumblr again at all.

I’m really enjoying Melbourne and spending time with the family down here.

Posted 4 days ago

Day 8

Shopping and kid watching and good making and cousin helping and present buying and money and fun and Glee and Chinese :)

Posted 6 days ago

Week one over!

My cousin is healing well, her kids are behaving pretty well considering they’ve been stuck inside most of the time. School holidays are over in a week so it’ll be back to school for two of them. This is going to be a long trip.

Also I don’t think I’ll be on much more, my phone’s internet is almost all used up so I’ll stick to checking every day or two.

Posted 1 week ago

Day 6 I think?

I’m starting to lose track of days already… I haven’t even been here a week. Also there is no internet here so I won’t be posting here as often. It’s basically the same every day now, so yay for an almost routine.

Posted 1 week ago

And day 5 is done!

Cousin is out of hospital, drove in Victoria for the first time ever, babysat for an hour or so, dinner and dessert. Now watching The Neverending Story.

Posted 1 week ago

Day 4 done and dusted

Setting up the house for my cousin so she doesn’t hurt herself. Keeping track of four kids is hard, especially when outside with other children, they all blend together. Played Shrek monopoly for the first time ever and like a true game of monopoly always does it ended in an earthquake.

Posted 1 week ago

End of day 3

Today was my cousins surgery. Everything has gone well with her so far. The kids are being very good and we’ve been having fun even though it’s been raining the whole time.

Posted 1 week ago

Day 2 down

Saw the Lego movie with my little cousins and had an awesome dinner with family and friends.

Posted 1 week ago

First day in Melbourne done!

We went to Scienceworks and watched some movies while it was raining.

Posted 1 week ago

My fellow tumblrers.

I will be very sporadic and spare with my interactions here as there is no internet at my cousins house. I will try my best to keep up with as many of you as I can.

Posted 1 week ago

This goes out to all my Melbournites.

I’m going to be down your way as of midnight tonight and I would like to know things to do…

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Things Are a Little Different in Australia (21 Pics)

i’m australian and i’m not even sure australia is a real place anymore

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There is a statue of Joffrey in the middle of Auckland, New Zealand??? And if you tweet with #bringdowntheking it will tighten the rope to bring down the statue???!!?!??!?!?

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Romantic Storms

Passage & Shelter

New paintings for Archimedes Gallery

Limited edition prints available online here

- Martin

Holy fuck